"Well done is better than well said."
-Ben Franklin

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Current Projects This site is constantly growing and morphing to better showcase my thoughts, projects, and ambitions. A hobby within a hobby. Currently, the website is built with Twitter Bootstrap, Bootstrap Components, and Google open fonts.

I'll be upgrading this in the near future to add AngularJS support, more use of jQuery, and rework the content management into JSON and/or XML with maybe mongoDB.

x.prssd: Utilizing Yahoo Stocks API and Google Graphing API to make a cool functional mashup.

Continuous Integration: My local environment for this website is handled by Aptana Studio, and a local server setup. When commits are made into the SVN (via TortoiseSVN client), an automatic process is kicked off. The code is checked into a CollabNet SVN repository, with Jenkins monitoring. Jenkins will build the project, and deploy it to the production site within a matter of minutes. In addition, Jenkins kicks off subroutines using Sonar and JSTestDriver for code quality and analytics.

Past Projects classic: Everything is cooler when its named "classic". Which is about the only thing cool about my previous attempts to convince myself I was a trendy designer. Who needs the knot when you can make your own website. This was equal informative wedding website and delve into applying XML, XSL, XSLT and dynamic

By separating style and content from the model, and using a little [now depracated] php xslt code below, I was able to publish a quick and functional site for our big day. It was important to make it easy to update as the date got closer, so the extensible XML Schema became extremely useful.

function GetXHTML($sXML, $sXSL, $aParameters)
    $hXML = xslt_create();
    $aArguments = array('/_xml' => $sXML, '/_xsl' => $sXSL);
    $sXHTML = xslt_process($hXML, 'master.xml', 'bam.xsl', NULL, $aArguments, $aParameters);
    return $sXHTML;

$params = explode('=',$HTTP_SERVER_VARS["QUERY_STRING"]);

if ($params[1]=='') {

$sXHTML = GetXHTML($sXML, $sXSL, array("pg"=>$params[1], "m"=>$params[2]));

print $sXHTML;

CSS Programming Challenge:

Coming soon...


'03 The Web and Education
'02 Clay Research Document
'02 Clay: Building Application Service Provider Software
'02 Clay Installation Guide
'02 Database JSP Example
'02 Database Project Description
'02 QASTIIR paper
'02 QASTIIR Installation Guide
'01 Mini OO Compiler Implementation
'00 Java-based Virtual Tour

Future Projects is it a blog, a catchy technology offering, a juice bar, or the newest craze in dry cleaning? I don't know, yet.

meteor: Once they figure out how to offer a solid windows environment, I'm hoping to build a meteor web-app. Besides the leaderboard app, I haven't gotten too much farther with this.